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payment method

Last modified: 2018/03/15

The Rules of Payment allowed offer Velunia buyers and sellers a series of secure, correct and practical payment options.

Velunia advises all sellers who sell items on to offer payments via PayPal. In addition to being of practical use, PayPal assures buyers and sellers the protection against fraud, recharging and theft of financial data.
Sellers must clearly indicate accepted payment methods and offer only those approved by Velunia. The Velunia Payment Form is the only payment procedure allowed for Velunia buyers.
Make sure your ad follows these payment guidelines. Otherwise, the insertion can be carried out. be removed and you could suffer other consequences, such as limits to the possibility; to sell and buy or the hosting of the account.

Allowed Payments
Sellers may indicate that they accept the following payment methods :
- PayPal
- Credit Card (included MasterCard, Visa, Amex) and electronic payments
- bank transfers

Payments not allowded
Seller can't:
- Ask to buyer to send them money
- Request buyers to send cash or money orders via instant cash transfer services (cash transfers from point to point, not through banks). Use of the payment method with immediate cash transfer has been banned on the Velunia website to protect users, since in the past some sellers have used the instant cash transfer to defraud buyers
- Request payment via the reload to a prepaid card of a seller (such as postepay or PayPal prepaid card)
- Request payment using online payment methods not expressly permitted in these rules
-Ask buyers to contact them to use other payment methods
- Do not advise buyers to use a payment method that the seller has specified in the listing, for example, by imposing a further charge for a particular payment method
- Ask buyers to use a payment method not specified in the listing
- Pay with criptovalue

These rules apply to all correspondence relating to the transactions between the seller and the buyer and to the adverts.

Additional information
Sellers who advertise in the advert accept certain methods of payment must not only offer them to particular buyers or advise against their use.
Therefore, sellers must always accept payments with the payment methods selected in the Details section for payment of the advertisement, including PayPal, and do not have to do not advise in any way the buyers to pay with such methods. For example, you do not need to insist that a buyer pay a further charge if you choose a specific method of payment.
Sellers are not allowed to make such statements:
- Contact us for information about the payments.

- Ask for other methods of payments.

- I accept PayPal but not credit card payments made through PayPal.
- I accept order more than 15 €.