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Velunia is the first portal dedicated to the professional beauty sector; its activity is totally independent of companies.

Online sales can often lead to confusion between what is reserved for PROFESSIONALs and this that is reserved to PRIVATE: our portal is synonymous with guarantee for the purchase and sale of really professional goods.

For the sector operators (hairdressers, hairdressers, beauticians), Velunia represents the real turning point that will allow immediately improve their purchases by increasing the profit margins of their business.

The holders of VAT registered in the professional sector must register and enter the data, so you can take advantage of the prices and conditions dedicated to them (totally different from the conditions reserved for individuals).
With this new work tool it will be possible to choose and purchase the products usually used, having the opportunity to compare prices among hundreds of retailers and distributors both Italian and foreign.

Velunia will allow you to have a broader knowledge of prices but also of all products on the market, being able to evaluate from time to time the most suitable alternatives to your work.
The site will always ensure the highest professionalism of the sellers and the guarantee that the products are truly professional.


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